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Mototaxis in Colombia. Mototaxis are probably the most fun form of transportation in Colombia! You will be riding on the back of someones motorcycle or scooter. Its much cheaper than a taxi, and a bit of a thrill for the adventure seeker. But it can also be more dangerous, especially in inclement weather.Mass Transit. Mass transit is growing increasingly popular in Colombia. Bogot boasts the TransMilenio, and Cali and Bucaramanga have similar projects, called the Mio and Metrolnea, respectively. Medelln has its famous Metro, the only commuter rail line in the country. Pereira, too, offers the MegaBs system. transportation in colombia south america

Colombia Transportation. The 2, 800km (1, 700mi) Caribbean Trunk Highway, completed in 1974, links the Atlantic ports of Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta with the PanAmerican Highway (south of Panama) and the Venezuelan highway system. In the early 1990s, the government proposed a 15project program, with an estimated cost of 500 million.

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Internal transport within Colombia is an important factor to take into account when planning your trip. The country is large, with a total surface area roughly equivalent to the combined size of the US states of Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico, or approximately 4. 5 times the size of the UK.

Maritime transport. South America has a number of outstanding natural harbours, such as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Montevideo, and Valparaso, along with numerous improved ports and roadsteads, including Buenos Aires, Callao, and Barranquilla. Many of these port facilities had degenerated significantly by the 1960s,

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Buses are the most affordable transport option for long distance travel in Colombia and South America. The buses themselves range in quality but for intercity travel you will generally travel in four or five star coaches with onboard toilet, airconditioning (see

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