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A 13, 000mile drive south: NYC to Argentina east to Asia, and finally, later this year, returning to North America. about his own roundtheworld drive in the mid1960s. The book was aTake the Pan American Highway. This is the safest route to South America, and this highway extends from Alaska down to lower region of South America. To drive to South America, begin driving on Interstate35 South in Laredo, TX. north to south america drive

Watch Diners, Driveins and Dives Season 26, Episode 8 From North to South America: Guy Fieri digs into flavors spanning the Americas. In Charlotte, a brewery serving a bacon jam burger and a

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From North to South America This trip, Guy Fieri's diggin' into flavors spanning the Americas. In Charlotte, N. C. , a brewery serving the bomb bacon jam burger and a dynamite duck confit flatbread.

Some advice if you are thinking of driving to South America: The following is a general information blog for those of you who are considering taking the plunge and driving from North America to South America. View Austin Texas to Argentina on hayden111's travel map.

My partner and I would like to drive from Canada to Brazil. We are a bit concerned about driving through Central America and we have no idea of the costs Driving from North America to South America Experimental Travel Lonely Planet Forum Thorn Tree

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The answer will depend entirely on which two points in North America and South America a person is interested in. Use the link below to find the distance between two cites. .

The PanAmerican Highway system is physically mostly complete and extends in de facto terms from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in North America to the lower reaches of South America. Several southern highway termini are claimed to exist, including the cities of Puerto Montt and Quelln in Chile and Ushuaia in Argentina.

We quit our jobs and sold everything to drive from D. C. to Ushuaia, Argentina. Join us as we hike, camp, eat, drink, learn, argue, goforbroke, and drive through Central and South America.

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2) the cattle farmers do not want a highway from South America where aftosa (hoofandmouth disease) is endemic, to Central and North America where aftosa is not found. 3. 4k Views View 6 Upvoters Joel Davids, lives in Panama (2013present)

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