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African Black (IQ 67) White (IQ 102) American Black, 24 White admixture (IQ 85). The more White a society is the more safe and prosperous it is. National IQ correlates at 0. 73 with living standard. For each onepoint increase in a countrys average IQ, the per capita GDP was 229 higher, and can go up to 468 higher for each additional point.The average American IQ ranges between 90 and 100. Individuals with IQ scores between 160 and 165 are considered extraordinary geniuses, and those with scores of 145 to 179 are considered geniuses. A score of 115 to 144 is considered above average, and scores between 85 and 114 are considered average. Keep Learning. average white iq in america

The blackwhite gap is 15 points when measured on the Wechsler tests, 18 on the StanfordBinet. Both tests are, of course, normed so as to produce an average of 100, but the white average is a bit higher. On the Wechsler metric, whites and blacks average 102 and 87, respectively.

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Apr 26, 2005  A 60page review of the scientific evidence, some based on stateoftheart magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of brain size, has concluded that race differences in average IQ

In a 2013 followup on Snyderman& Rothman, Rindermann et al. found the average and median estimates of the blackwhite IQ gap to be heritable by 47 and 50 respectively among surveyed scientists who believed that the available evidence allowed for a reasonable estimate. This survey however yielded a response rate of 18 (228 participants) compared to Snyderman& Rothman's

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In America, 82 percent of those who took the StanfordBinet test in 1978 scored above the 1932 average for individuals of the same age. The average black did about as well on the StanfordBinet

Sep 12, 2017  An American Black average IQ of 78 would make sense given the racial admixture of the Black population in America. If pure Africans have an average IQ of 70, and Whites have an average IQ of 100, then a racially mixed colored population that is 75 African and 25 White should have an average IQ of 77. 5.

Rank Country Average IQ 1 Hong Kong (Not a country but listed for examination) 107 2 South Korea 106 3 Japan 105 4 Taiwan 104 5 Singapore 103 6 Austria Skip to content Menu

Oct 29, 2006 Answer. Hi jeraboo, According to my research, the average IQ of a white American is. William Shockley is a professor at Stanford University in Calif. Basically the following constitute his views after many years of painstaking study and research. Major Findings of Dr. Shockley: Historically, blacks have an I. Q.

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Highest IQ By Individual US States. The United States IQ average worldwide is ranked at number 24 with an average IQ of 98. Based upon the rating of McDaniels Estimated Average IQ Score, the following US States have an average IQ rating of the following. 1. Massachusetts: 104. 3 2. New Hampshire: 104. 2 3. North Dakota: 103. 8 4.

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