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Dining Guide for the Pride of America. The Pride of America has two main dining rooms called Liberty Dining Room and Skyline Restaurant. They serve the same menu each night, but the decor theme is different. The nice thing about Norwegian Cruise Line is they have freestyle dining. That means, you can go to dinner anytime you want.Flickr aznaphrodite Pride of America Menus Click to Enlarge Days 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7 Dining Room, Le Bistro, Murder Mystery, Steakhouse, Little Italy, Sushi Bar and Shabu Shabu, Teppanyaki, East Meets West Cruise Ship Menus If you wish to Browse other Cruise Ships Menus Pride of America pride of america menus

Pride of America Dining: Restaurants and Food. Follow Ship Check Prices For Pride of America plays 50 s Rock n Roll and offers up a classic menu of burgers, fish n chips, potpies and wokfast dishes. Skyline Main Dining Room on Pride of America. View 4 Photos Upload Photos Sushi Bar. 3 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

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Skyline Restaurant (Deck 5): Skyline Restaurant is another main dining room on Pride of America that also serves traditional American food. It offers the same dinner menu as Liberty Restaurant, but breakfast is served here as well. Morning options include eggs and pancakes.

Norwegian menu for the Raw Bar Norwegian Food was for the most part very good, not Celebrity good but still very good. I personally think that what makes ncl so great is

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Liberty Main Dining Room. Dine with the America's Founding Fathers and get a heaping side of depicted history alongside hearty favorites, including fish, chicken, turkey, roast beef, potatoes and hot apple pie. Now, that's red, white and blue (and so is the dcor).

NCL menu's (Escape) GAMBEE. See more What others are saying Celebrating Spring Break Aboard a Cruise Ship Norwegian Pride of America. See more What others are saying A very complete list of most of the Norwegian menu lists offered aboard NCL Breakaway. You will also find a lot more information in this site about everything related to

Jan 21, 2015 Just returned from the Pride of America yesterday. As reported above, they ARE still using the old menus in the MDRs. If you just want an idea of what is being served, then ANY old menu from ANY NCL ship will give you an idea of the type of food served.

The Liberty. Grilled salmon, lean burgers, and fusili pasta and barbecued pork are among main entrees featured on the lunch menu, and for dinner expect beef, fish, poultry, and vegetarian selections. Desserts in the Liberty dining room onboard Pride of America include pies, berries served in Grand Marnier sauce, fruit, and ice cream among your choices.

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Pride of America alternative dining reviews, menus and tips. Alternative dining includes Cagney's, Moderno Churrascaria, The Jefferson Bistro, East Meets West Asian, and Teppanyaki and more restaurants on Pride of America.

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