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Kidnap and ransom insurance (K& R) is at the heart of any risk management program.Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Coverage for a range of crisis perils, including kidnapping, extortion, assault (known as active shooter or workplace violence), and more. Protecting your organizations and your people conducting business globally is more critical than ever. kidnap insurance south america

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance is very specialised cover, and there are few brokers in South Africa with the knowledge to give you the right advice in this area. Through our partnerships with the top insurers, we provide our clients with access to the best insurance products and expertise in

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Kidnap& Ransom The impact of a kidnap or similar event can be enormous and it is essential that it be handled in the correct way. It is extremely traumatic for those involved, and an organization dealing with an incident may face huge losses from ransom payments, business interruption, litigation, adverse publicity and longterm damage to reputation.

This insurance mitigates the risk of kidnapping for businesses, international organisations and individuals. It is especially advisable in emerging countries or regions like South America and Africa where kidnapping is more frequent, but actually some parts of the world which are normally safer can be the very place where the claim occurs.

Colombia, the South American country with a frightening reputation for warring drug barons and kidnappings, is a hot new destination for travelers. Here's what you need to know.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance. Kidnappings can occur in any region of the world, but particularly in hotspots such as war zones and crisis zones (for example Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen& Pakistan) as well as subSaharan Africa, South America and areas of political or social unrest.

A Guide To Kidnap& Ransom Insurance Coverage. FACEBOOK TWITTER other Central and South American countries, the Middle East and parts of Africa. Investopedia is part of the Dotdash

We are an independent insurance broker with access to the entire kidnap and ransom market and we will ensure that you get the most comprehensive policy at the best price. We will also be on hand to provide help and support should the worst happen and you need to call on the policy cover.

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Kidnap insurance has become more and more essential for global employees and individual contractors working in dangerous, remote or high profile situations all over the world. From Afghanistan and Iraq, to Nigeria, Somalia and across South America, the threat from kidnap for ransom is escalating from occasional incidents to planned activities from wellorganised groups.

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