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Update, November 18, 2015: The method used to calculate absolute poverty rates in 2010, as reported in Figure 3 of Americas Mediocre Test Scores, required estimations from data made available by Timothy Smeeding.Fourthquarter earnings have been mediocre, and estimates for 2019 keep fallinghardly a good sign for returns to come. The era of big beats has come to an end, declared Bank of America america estamates mediocre

Nov 13, 2008 Why Is America So Content With Mediocrity? how America is a force for good in the world, how America is the best at (fill in the blank here depending on who you're talkin' to, wait for

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Americas poor students perform worse than other countries poor students. 3. The poverty rate in the United States is substantially higher than the rates in countries with which it is Americas Mediocre Test Scores: Education crisis or poverty crisis? : Education Next ran a regression analysis to estimate

Argue with me if you like, unleash the snarling dream team of Homeland Security, cable news, and Rick Perrys Hair on me if you want, but heres my hypothesis: today, America excels at mediocrity.

Stacker compiles a list of worst jobs in America. and job opportunities are in decline as more publishing takes place online. Plus, PayScale estimates that more than twofifths of workers in this lackluster growth prospects, and mediocre pay. Mix in little opportunity for advancement and its no wonder being a shortorder cook ranks

Its common knowledge that American students are mediocre when it comes to taking tests. Now we know that American teachers are too.

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Consulting firm Armstrong& Associates says 2016 was a mediocre year for the thirdparty logistics industry. ThirdParty Logistics Market Results and Trends for 2017 Including Estimates for

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Rankings for the worst roads in America are broken down by state and based on the percentage of roads in poor or mediocre condition with data sourced from the Federal Highway Administration. Connecticut 73 (tie) Illinois 73 (tie) Wisconsin 71. Colorado 70 (tie) Road Island 70 (tie) Oklahoma 70 (tie) California 68.

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