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2019-11-14 01:00

The west coast cities of Portland and Seattle top the list of cloudiest large cities in the United States. Overall, nine major American cities have solid overcast for more than 180 days a year. Besides the Pacific Northwest, cities with frequent cloudy weather are mainly near the Great Lakes.Spanish St. Augustine was the first of only three walled cities ever constructed in North America; the other two are (English) Charleston, South Carolina and (French) Quebec City, Canada. gloomiest place in america

Upstate NY cities among gloomiest in the US especially this time of year. One comparison to Syracuse would be Sioux Falls, S. D. , which gets 56 percent of possible sunshine throughout the year more than any Upstate location. Sioux Falls and Syracuse get a similar amount of sunshine in the summer, but, thanks to lake effect clouds, Sioux Falls gets nearly twice as much sunshine as Syracuse does in the

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Seattle. At least it has company. Seattle shares the dishonor of Nation's Gloomiest SuckPit with Buffalo, a ccording to this index, with each city logging high dreary scores of 27. Coming in second are Pittsburgh and Portland, Oregon, followed by Cleveland, Cincinnati, Lexington,

Missoula, Montana. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Missoula is negative 33 degrees, in January 1957. While Missoulas winters may be dreary, residents make up for it by staying active; Missoula is one of the most fitnessfriendly cities in America.

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