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Politically, Iceland is part of Europe. Reykjavik is the capital city as well as the largest city in Iceland. Iceland is a Nordic island nation located in the North Atlantic Ocean with an approximate area of 40, 000 square miles and a modest population of 348, 580 people.How can the answer be improved? iceland america or europe

May 11, 2009 Geographically Greenland and the western half of Iceland are part of America, because they are located on top of the North American tectonic plate. In terms of nationality, Greenland is owned by Denmark and Iceland is considered to be a Scandinavian country so both are European.

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Iceland is a part of Europe because of its history and culture, also is the majority of Iceland in Europe but not in North America.

Since Iceland is between the continental plates does it then belong neither to Europe nor America, geologically speaking? It would be more correct to say that Iceland is at the meeting point of the Eurasian and the American plates and hence belongs to both of them, the eastern part to Europe and the western part to America.

Greenland is a selfgoverned Danish territory. Greenland is a selfgoverning Danish territory that is located in North America. The first is politics, the second geography. Technically, Iceland is in both Europe and NA as it straddles the two tectonic plates.

Its usually not thought of as part of either continent: Iceland is an island (together with some smaller islands) in the North Atlantic, about midway between Europe and North America (the same thing might be said of Greenland). Culturally, Iceland is European. It has linguistic, historic,

Geologically, Iceland is part of the MidAtlantic ridge and sits on two tectonic plates with America to the west and Europe to the east, making it part of both the North American and European continents. Politically, however, Iceland is part of Europe. Keep Learning.

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Iceland. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, directly east of Greenland, Iceland is Europe's western most country, the second largest island in the NorthAtlantic Ocean, and a little over 3 hours flight from London, Paris or Copenhagen. It is suggested that the first permanent settler was Ingolfur Arnarson who arrived in 874 from Norway,

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