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back to index David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. North America 1786 Pownall's map shows the newly formed United States of America that resulted from the peace treaty with Britain of 1783, ending the American Revolution.Next map, North America in 1837 What is happening in North America in 3500BCE According to most scholars, the peoples of North America came from Asia in c. 10, 000 BCE, probably crossing the Bering Straight during the last Ice Age when sea levels were lower than they are today. map of north america 1787

Most of the items presented here are documented in Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, : A Guide to the Collections in the Library of Congress compiled by John R. Sellers and Patricia Molen van Ee in 1981.

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Vintage 1787 Map of North America drawn from the latest and best authorities. North America

Maps United States Early America Site Map Record 181 to 190 of 199. French, and Spanish, to the end of the American Revolutionary War. The Northwest Territory, 1787 A map of the Northwest Territory of the newly formed United States, established by the Congress of the Confederation of the United States in 1787. The session of

A map of the British and French Settlements in North America Publication Info: London: J. Hinton, 1755; from the Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure v.

1787 FRAMED MAP OF NORTH AMERICA 600 (WELLINGTON) Here is a great 1787 map of North America. It was done by Thomas Kitchin, one of the foremost mapmakers of his time. It is a great map, with part of it labeled UNKNOWN TERRITORY It is also hand colored. If interested, please email or

Map of United States and North America, ca. 1787. A correct map of the United States of North America; including the British and Spanish territories, carefully laid down agreeable to the treaty of 1784.

A new and correct map of North America with the West India Islands. Divided according to the last Treaty of Peace, concluded at Paris the 20th of Jan. 1783. wherein are particularly

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1787 in the United States December 10 Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, minister, educator, cofounder of the first permanent school for the deaf in North America (died 1851) Undated Oliver H. Prince, U. S. Senator from Georgia from 1828 to 1829 (died 1837) Deaths

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